Downfalls of Remaining De-Motivated

Downfalls of Remaining De-Motivated

De-motivation prevents you from trying out new things. When you’re de-motivated, everything seems bigger than you, making you feel small and insignificant. It’s surely not a good feeling and the longer it sticks around, the more embedded it becomes.

It’s natural to allow something to de-motivate you for a while. Some people think that their physical appearances and qualities are stopping them from achieving anything great. Others believe they can’t operate on a level compatible with the competition and therefore don’t even try. Most people just feel that they’re too weak to compete with themselves and the change that’ll follow may be too much to handle.

If motivation helps you progress, learn, and develop into a better person, then it’s not hard to figure out what de-motivation will do for you. De-motivation works to counter all that motivation accomplishes for you. That’s why you should never let it fill your system.

Never accept de-motivating thoughts and feelings about yourself. De-motivation is like a parasite, or a virus. The longer you let it stay, the stronger it becomes. If you leave it alone for too long, it becomes an irreplaceable part of you.

Job opportunities suddenly seem out of your league. Stopping yourself from doing something, per say smoking looks impossible. You accept what you are, and not in a positive way.

De-motivation makes you accept that unworthy persona you perceive. Motivation can help you accept the greater you and your possibilities and aspirations. De-motivation diminishes the light in your character and personality, creating a darker and endless cycle of a self-indulgent boring life.

With a de-motivated mind concept, you’ll never achieve the hidden full potential you have to earn. The potential that motivation could’ve helped you strive for becomes a fading shimmer in the back of your mind, too far from your reach and never attainable.

That’s why motivation is so important in your life. Getting over de-motivation, writers or artist block; brain farts; mind stump; whatever you want to call it is hard, but not impossible.

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