Don’t Trust Companies Who Put Customers First

This may be actually the civil rights movement. Individuals would be the priority.

Martin-luther-king2Clients should not ever be the priority…people ought to really be the priority. Some of these people today buy a few of the people today benefit all of us from us, it’s simply a gap. They’re all those and business decisions needs to be made taking into consideration the effect.
P.S. for people that think amounts come before people, whether they have been employees or customers,” I trust you do not ever need to look at your son or daughter to some hospital run by somebody who cares for you personally.

“Our clients are the number 1 priority,” could be that the oft heard mantra of a lot of businesses nowadays. “We put our customers,” is uttered by many CEOs one loses track.

But there is an issue with putting clients. This usually means workers come .

Splitting the populace into sects — customers and employees — and using standards and standards for each would be nothing short of racism. To cure 1 group better than the other only because of that they truly are is some thing Martin Luther King Jr. rallied contrary to years past.

I’ve got a fantasy! I’ve got a fantasy that one day, both treated and clients and employees are be treated equally. Perhaps not only because of they are seen but as both of them are people or everything they do. Employees and Clients both bleed red. Employees and Clients both really feel hurt and joyful. Employees and Clients just live to feel appreciated because of the trouble that they supply and your time and time and effort they employ.

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