Aspects that aid in controlling oneself in Self Control

Aspects that aid in controlling oneself in Self Control

Self-control is one of the various divisions of self-development. It is the capacity to encourage oneself to do the right things in life and curb our animal desires. However, the root of this self-development lies in a strong will power and disciplining oneself. Self-control produces a kind of confidence in us to the things that we think are difficult to achieve. It creates a drive of perseverance in us that make us accomplish our goals. One’s motivation empowers that person and making it possible to accept challenges that assist us with developing self-control.

But, it is important that an ample amount of rest be taken effectively apply self-control in life. An individual should find ways to relax himself. It may be by listening music, exercise and other things that boost up one’s energy levels. This will make it easy for the individual to accomplish his task. For instance, if there is a student who wants to complete a target of completing his entire course in a single day for a particular subject, then he may be studying the whole day. But, this may create a lot of stress on his mind and hamper his ability of learning. So if he would take breaks in between to relax himself then this will reduce stress and improve his productivity.

Self-awareness is the foremost aspect that needs to be dealt with for a successful self-control. This means that one should first analyze one’s own personality and figure out his strengths and weaknesses. After this, he should try to resist the temptations that he faces in life in relation to his weaknesses. This is to say that if one loves ice cream and is used to have it everyday, then he should make efforts to limit it to twice a week. This is how a person strengthens up and develops strong will power thereby contributing to self-development.

So we can say that self-control is actually the willingness to reject one’s own temptation to a particular thing or a task. This brings us to the next aspect of self-control i.e. strong will power. Our will power makes us take a serious decision to complete a task. Most of us have the tendency to make up our mind for a mission, but due to our laziness or desire for other comforts, we are not able to abide to it. The most common example of this can be exercising in the morning, which we usually give up because we do not want to sacrifice on our sleep. This is where we actually understand the essence of a strong will power. A person with a strong will power will give up his comforts and establish his mission. This will power generally reduces in stressful conditions.

Last but not the least, is the aspect of self-discipline. All these three aspects of self-control are however interlinked. But each of them has a separate role to play. Self-discipline refers to fighting with one’s own feelings. In this, one has to discover the actual cause of one’s temptation and consciously negating it by getting involved in other interesting activities. This will in turn, develop a strong will power. Analyzing the consequences, that one’s actions in future will also help in reducing the urge for the temptation.

An optimistic approach to life will surly take an individual on the path of success as when an individual thinks positively then he will have a healthy body and thereby able to accomplish his tasks in a better way.

Thus, self-awareness, strong will power and self-disciplines together lead to an effective self-control and further to self-development.

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